Bishop Stortford Region – Central East and East of England

Regional Learning Development Officer: Major John McCombe

Major John McCombeJohn has been an officer for 41 years, 33 years of which was as a corps officer. He was an officer in the Business Service unit (WBC) as well as a Module Leader in the school for officer training. Previous to his present appointment, he was a Mission Development & Enabling Officer at Territorial Headquarters. Prior to training, he was a police cadet and then a machine operator. John is married to Jennie and they have two grown-up children and five grandchildren.
Contact: [email protected]

Accommodation Needs

If you have particular accommodation needs on one of our residential courses, please do get in touch with us. If you are concerned that a start time (e.g. 9am) is early when taking into consideration travel needs, please do talk to us as we may be able to arrange accommodation for the night before.

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New journal out

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